Write a rule for the nth term of the arithmetic sequence then find a10

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SOLUTION: Write a rule for the nth term of the arithmetic sequence. Then find a20 -3,-1,1,3,5,...

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Homework Help: Arithmetic/Geometric sequences

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Arithmetic Sequences and Sums

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Unit 4 TE Exponential and Log

Write a rule for the nth term and find the 45th term for the arithmetic sequence with a10=1 and d = /5. A23 generate terms of a sequence from either a term-to-term or a position-to-term rule A25 deduce expressions to calculate the nth term of linear sequences.

Find a general formula for the nth term of an arithmetic sequence.

arithmetic and geometric sequences - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Find the explicit formula for the general nth term of the geometric sequence described below. a3 = 54 and a6 = 1 answer What is the balance after 1 year if an account containing $ earns 8% nominal interest, compounded as follows.

Arithmetic Sequences Problems with Solutions

Write the polynomial in standard form. Then identify the polynomial by the number of terms. -5x^x^x A Determine the nth term rule and find the 45th term for the arithmetic sequence with ^a10=1 and d=-6 Answer Mathematics; 5 points.

If there are n terms in the arithmetic progression, then rth term from the end = a + (n – r)d Also, if is the last term of the arithmetic progression then rth term from the end is the rth term of an arithmetic progression whose first term is and common difference is – d.

rth term form the end = + (r – 1) (- d) Find the 30th term of the AP. Students will recognize that patterns involving simple addition and subtraction changes are arithmetic, write the rules for those patterns, and use the rules to make conjectures about later numbers in the sequence.

Use the rule to find the nth term in the sequence. a10=2+()3=29 Students often try to make non-arithmetic sequences fit.

Write a rule for the nth term of the arithmetic sequence then find a10
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