The tough stand of president theodore roosevelt

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Teddy Roosevelt discusses America’s race problem

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Theodore Roosevelt

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Quotations from the speeches and other works of Theodore Roosevelt

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T. R. the Rough Rider: Hero of the Spanish American War

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Presidents -- the good and the bad

On January 16,President Bill Clinton awarded Theodore Roosevelt the Medal of Honor posthumously for his charge on San Juan Hill, Cuba, during the Spanish–American War. He. The one featuring president Theodore Roosevelt was the favorite among commenters.

I don't know which cover was selected, but it made me think of the many ways Roosevelt stands out in history.

Roosevelt's fame and personality turned him into the de-facto leader of this rag-tag group of polo players, hunters,cowboys, Native Americans, and athletic college buddies. The regiment of "Roosevelt's Rough Riders" was born. On this day inPresident Theodore Roosevelt delivers a stirring speech to the New York City Republican Club.

Roosevelt had just won his second reelection, and in this speech, he discussed.

How Teddy Roosevelt Saved Football

Theodore Roosevelt, President Despite a long, enervating depression, American industry contirrued to expand and con- solidate dailywn.comct the s, and the rate of expansion was even faster in the jrst.

Jan 18,  · Theodore Roosevelt Roosevelt assumed the presidency after the assassination of William McKinley, eagerly shedding the humdrum vice presidency for the "bully pulpit" of the nation's highest office.

The tough stand of president theodore roosevelt
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