The similarities in the reactions of laertes and hamlet to anger in the play hamlet

Hamlet's madness is feigned. Robert attempts to soothe him by not acknowledging that Polonius is wrong.

What are some similarities between Hamlet and Laertes?

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Laertes vs. Hamlet

In the play Hamlet by William Shakespeare, Laertes is placed in similar situations with Hamlet due to the fact that the environment in which they live in is the same although they go about the situations in very different ways.

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William Shakespeare's Hamlet follows the young prince Hamlet home to. Laertes come into the play as the prince's foil to present similarities of his character.

Laertes' similarity to the prince of Denmark commences when confronted with.

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Laertes and Fortinbras are examples of foils in this play because they both mirror Hamlet’s character but differ with such significance that it makes them seem like complete opposites.

Throughout the play it becomes quite evident that Laertes is Hamlet’s foil. There are many ways throughout the play in which Hamlet and Laertes are both similar and different. Some are more obvious than the others, but yet they are still there. Laertes and Hamlet Laertes and Hamlet both display impulsive reactions when angered.

Sudden anger prompts both Hamlet and Laertes to act spontaneously.

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Hamlet, Laertes, and Fortinbras are three main characters that reveal the feeling of revenge. They all are very similar but yet different at the same time.

They all had love and respect for their fathers and felt the need to avenge their deaths.

The similarities in the reactions of laertes and hamlet to anger in the play hamlet
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