The reintroduction of wolves into the wild

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Wolves of the World

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When wolves return to the wild, everything changes

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Wolf Reintroduction to Yellowstone Park, Wolf Pack Dynamics, & Wolf Identification

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Wolves of the World. Wolves come in many shapes, sizes and colors varying from the brawny black wolves of Canada’s Mackenzie River to the petite tawny wolves that once roamed the Falkland Islands.

In the tradition of Peter Matthiessen's Wildlife in America or Aldo Leopold, Brenda Peterson tells the year history of wild wolves in America. It is also our own history, seen through our relationship with wolves. The earliest Americans revered them.

“The authors represent three generations of career wolf ecologists This book is indeed unique and will be of interest to many readers, including ecologists and other individuals concerned with wolves and more broadly with wildlife, wilderness, and animal behavior and conservation. Some reintroduction programs use plants or animals from captive populations to form a reintroduced population.

When reintroducing individuals from a captive population to the wild, there is a risk that they have adapted to captivity due to differential selection of genotypes in captivity versus the wild.

Bat Buffalo Black-Footed Ferret Caribou Elk Florida Panther Grizzly Bear Lynx Moose Red Wolf: Red Wolf (Canis rufus) Red Wolves are only one of two species of wolves in the world.

Mexican Wolf Reintroduction & Management. The Arizona Game and Fish Department has been actively involved in reintroducing Mexican wolves to portions of their historical range since before the first release of wolves in

The reintroduction of wolves into the wild
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