The pressing need for more people to participate in the civil war that led to the enrollment act

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Civil Rights Act of 1866

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Recent Publications

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With learning, courtesy and precision, the authors make clear that historians of early modern and modern thought, in Britain, Europe, and America, need to pay far more attention than they have to. Organized and coordinated by Bayard Rustin, the five day training session is a crash course in Movement history, nonviolence, freedom songs, SCOPE, voting rights, economics, the Civil Rights Act, organizing techniques & strategies, Black culture, political education, War on Poverty, the white power-structure, and safety cautions in a dangerous environment.

Poppies I am one of those people who usually wear a white and a red poppy to remember both those who suffered and died in wars and those who conscientiously objected to participation in war.

Civil War Anti-War Protests

There have been white poppies available in the Quaker Meeting House for the past few weeks. One of our attenders took one to wear saying she wore both red and white to support those who were in need. Civil War is persistent armed conflict, generally confined to the interior of a state's territory, between current power holders and one or more organized military groups.

They want to capture state power or secede from the state to form their own. In Marchwith the war continuing, Congress passed the Enrollment Act to establish a draft for the first time, as more troops were needed.

In New York City and other locations, new citizens learned they were expected to register for .

The pressing need for more people to participate in the civil war that led to the enrollment act
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