The beguine way of life

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Beguine Spirituality: An Invitation and Inspiration for Women Today

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Beguines and Beghards

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Begin the Beguine

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Sisterhoods Make a Comeback in Germany

Beguine religious life was part of the mysticism of that age. As a conscious choice to live in the world but in a way that effectively surpassed (at least in piety) or stood out from most laypeople, beguines attracted disapprobation as much as admiration.

The Beguines and Beghards in Medieval Culture: With Special Emphasis on the. Dec 05,  · My research suggests that from the 13th century all the way through the early modern period, supporters (and thus beneficiaries) of beguine life included laywomen and men, married couples, clergy, nobility, the destitute, and so on.

"Begin the Beguine" is a popular song written by Cole Porter. Porter composed the song between Kalabahi, Indonesia, and Fiji during a Pacific cruise aboard Cunard's ocean liner Franconia. The song is featured in the documentary The Life and Times of Hank Greenberg. In the late twelfth century, women began to experiment with the possibility of a way of life outside of the socially endorsed alternatives of wife or cloistered nun.

Social conditions were ripe for this new idea, and the Beguine movement flourished, reaching its peak in the latter half of the following century.[ 1 ].

Beguines and Beghards

I began a blog after medical retirement as a way to maintain my sanity and stay connected to the arts and the artful. I am the managing editor of The BeZine, published by Beguine Again and The Bardo Group.

CHRYSTY HENDRICK of Reflections on Being, Healing, and Wandering is a weekly contributing writer for “Gratitude Fridays.” She says. Although the Beguine way of life has been of considerable interest to feminist scholars and women's historians, few researchers have .

The beguine way of life
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Beguine Communities and Medieval History: An Unexpected Treasure? | A Writer's Retreat