An argument against the animals right

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Animal rights

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Carl Cohen, “The Case Against Animal Rights”

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An Argument for Animal Rights and an Analysis of Peter Singer's

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The Moral Status of Animals

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But, once again, the arguments for animal rights deal with how animals are to be treated in a legal context. While I think it is clear that animals do not have rights, one must not conclude that it is morally acceptable to treat animals in just any which way.

Dec 10,  · Arguments For & Against Animal Rights A wonderful, comprehensive overview of the basic arguments against giving animals rights with well thought-out and highly logical rebuttals against them. Thank you for adding to my pro-animal-rights arsenal!

The best argument against democracy is a five-minute conversation with the. Another argument is that one must defend himself or others against an animal attack.

Animal rights

Some people justify animal cruelty as a means to enhance bravado in sport or other activities. There's also an argument for survival rights pertaining to slaughtering animals for food. From an animal rights standpoint, we do not have a right to breed, capture and confine other animals, even if they are endangered.

Being a member of an endangered species doesn't mean the individual animals have fewer rights. Animals in captivity suffer from stress, boredom, and confinement.

The argument that children will have more compassion animals they can see life does not hold water. Not one of the today's children has ever seen a dinosaur, yet kids are crazy about them.

At least one study has shown that elephants kept in zoos do not live as long as elephants in the wild. The only real argument against animal rights is that no individual, animal or person, deserves rights. Don’t overcomplicate the term “rights”. Say what you want, but In the end we all know we give rights to those who we believe are sentient.

An argument against the animals right
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Cohen Against Animal Rights