A lab report on determining the best ionic salts for hand warmers

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Determination Ionic Activities of Metal Salts in Water

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These hand warmers contain a small sealed plastic pouch inside another larger sealed pouch. The inner pouch contains a salt and the outer pouch contains water. The hand warmer is struck in a manner that ruptures the inner pouch, releasing the ionic salt into the water of the outer pouch.

The salt dissolves and the water warms. The article mentions two types of hand warmers that are commonly sold in stores. In this experiment you will investigate the possibility of yet another type of hand warmer using different ionic solids dissolved in water.

When a solution forms between an ionic solid and water several events must occur. First, the ionic bonds in the solid. The purpose of second part in the lab was to determine which set of products would be best to use to make a hand warmer.

The objective of the lab was to see which ionic solids in set A or B would produce the greatest heat for a hand warmer. Nov 17,  · PURPOSE: to determine which of the 3 ionic compounds (NaCl, LiCl, or NaCH3COO) is most suitable for use as a hand warmer PROCEDURE: DAY 1 (Part 2 only): 1) Measure out 2 separate samples of mL of distilled water 2) Heat one to about 50˚C, and place other one in calorimeter (at around 20˚C) 3) Add heater water to calorimeter, cover top, wait 15 seconds.

Determine the heat of solution for each solid and analyze the cost and safety information to propose a design for the best all-around hand warmer.

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A lab report on determining the best ionic salts for hand warmers
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