A discussion of the view of progressives in america

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Secular Progressives and Race

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Colin Kaepernick, Corporate America and the Multicultural Future

Many Hispanic people wouldn't ever vote Republican because many people view it as the party of racism and oppression, but many Hispanic people have a great deal more in common with the GOP when it comes to social views and values.

Progressivism is every bit as “integralist” and totalizing as progressives dream Catholic integralism to be.

Society of American Indians

Think The Handmaid’s Tale except with today’s progressives in charge. We progressives want America to be great, and we know that Trump’s values stand in opposition to American greatness.

People need to feel a sense of belonging, a sense of identity. Oct 17,  · Although he promised to spend $ trillion to repair America’s crumbling infrastructure, his $ trillion tax cut for big corporations and the wealthy used up the money.

Climate change is undermining the standard of living of ordinary Americans, as more are hit with floods, mudslides, tornados, draughts, and wildfires. America — the strongest nation on earth, the country which has stood between tyranny and evil time and time again to the betterment of our own lives and people around the world — has been.

On Friday, CNN’s Don Lemon held a panel discussion regarding Sarah Jeong’s anti-white tweets. During the panel, Lemon and Democratic strategist Symone Sanders had the following exchange about racism.

A discussion of the view of progressives in america
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